Hostacycline (Tetracycline) - 500mg (15 Capsules)

Hostacycline (Tetracycline) - 500mg (15 Capsules) P1
  • Hostacycline (Tetracycline) - 500mg (15 Capsules) P1

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Brand Name : Hostacycline

Generic Name: Tetracycline |

Manufacturer : Sanofi-Aventis

About Hostacycline :

Hostacycline (Tetracycline) is a well-known medicine that is used to treat some bacterial infections symptoms in different parts of the body. In other cases, it is used to prevent “traveler’s diarrhea” and treating acne, cholera, anthrax, syphilis; Rocky Mountain spotted fever and chancroid typhus. It, however, cannot be used for the treatment of viral infections which include common colds and flu as it would be ineffective.

How to use Hostacycline

If taking this medicine with food, it is advised you take it 2-3 hours before meal time. The medicine should be swallowed with a full glass of water while you are sitting or standing in an upright position. Taking food and mostly dairy products a few hours(less than the recommended) before or after swallowing the medicine will only reduce its absorption which could impact on its results. For a normal dosage for an adult, the drug is to be taken four times a day, after evenly spaced intervals of 6 hours and this should continue for 2-4 weeks depending on the dosage prescribed to you by your physician. Altering your prescriptions poses significant threats to your health conditions and is strictly discouraged. In case you have any concern about the effectiveness of Hostacycline or any of its side effects, consult your doctor.

Hostacycline Dosage

Only a qualified medical practitioner should prescribe dosages of Hostacycline to patients. As a patient, you have the responsibility to ensure that you strictly adhere to the prescribed dosage. Depending on what condition is being treated, its severity and patient’s medical condition and history, different patients are prescribed different dosages of the medicine. For best results when using Hostacycline, take the full dosage at spaced intervals just as advised by your physician. Continue using the medicine even if your symptoms go back for the first few days of use. However, if your symptoms only get worse, notify your physician.

Hostacycline Side Effects

When using Hostacycline, you may experience several side effects. These may include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, skin rashes, and pains in the abdominal, dizziness or persistent headaches. You also may experience loose stools. These are not all side effects that may be brought about by using Hostacycline. Confirm with your physician about the side effects you are most likely to experience depending on the severity of your symptom and dosage. As soon as you notice any of the listed side effects, seek medical attention immediately although some may disappear with continued use of the medicine.

Hostacycline Precautions

If you have any history of liver diseases, kidney failures or mononucleosis, inform your physician before starting your prescription of Hostacycline. If you are currently using other medication that may interact with Hostacycline, which includes antibiotics such as penicillin among others, talk to your doctor about it. You should also inform your physician if you are on other medications which include prescriptions, non-prescriptions, supplements or herbal medication. Patients using contraceptives should also talk to their physicians about their dosages as contraceptives greatly reduce the effectiveness of the medicine. This medicine is not to be taken by children who are under the age of 6 years.

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